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Wellington Scrap Metals have been buying and selling all types of scrap metal and processing them to international standards for years! Remember at Wellington Scrap Metals..... it’s not trash, it's cash!

Whatever quantity of scrap metal, we’ll recycle it. If you’ve got a construction site that needs clearing or some old electrical or plumbing material to get rid of, we'll work with you to convert your metal into money. We’ll even recycle your unwanted household appliances!

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Cash for scrap

Scrap metal means money at Wellington Scrap Metals. Bring in your unwanted metals and we'll offer the most competitive prices in town.

We export

By dealing with large quantities of metal we're able to export the processed scrap ourselves, giving you a better price for scrap metal recycling.


See how our scrap metal processors, ferrous and non ferrous metal, convert your scrap metal into exportable material at the processing yard.

Bins for hire

With a range of suitable bins available for hire, our scrap metal collectors make it easy for you by collecting your scrap metal and promptly turning it into cash.

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Scrap metal is a concept used to refer to any metal that can be recycled or reprocessed and made into something else. Scrap metals are very valuable and because of them, many individuals have made money out of their collection. These are old metals and the difference between the metals is the price. The more cash that a person will make on the metal depends on what metals he wants to sale.

Old metals like cars and car parts which are not being used can be sold as scrap metals. They can also be computer wires, hard drives, whole computers, mainframes, power supplies, floppy drives, circuit boards, printers, transformers, monitors, targets and telephone replays.

All over the world many people are turning in their old appliances and equipment and trading them in for some cash. If you have any metal lying in your garage or basement and you are wondering how you can dispose them of to get some cash, continue reading and you will know how you can make money by selling your scrap metals to scrap metal dealers.

For you to decide what you will get from the scrap metal you have, you should know what the scrap metal is worth. Different scrap metal buyers will pay different prices for different type of metal; so, if you want to get the best deal on it, it is advisable to search widely for scrap metal recycling companies that are offering the best prices for this.

Some scrap metal buyers offer around 12 cents for every pound of the metal a person turns in. This might not seem like much but you should remember that metals are quite heavy and a pound of a metal is not like a pound of coins. Just to show you how treasured scrap metals are, some people go out of their way to buy the valuable metal, while others steal them in order to sell them.

The prices of scrap metals are available all over the internet. There are numerous websites that you can check and also there are various forums where you can know what prices scrap metals are going for. When it comes to scrap from electronic items, you will either be completely disappointed or happy to learn that you can sell broken old computers for 15 pounds. Learning this will make many people very sad because many people have used many computers or have thrown many computers in the bin and did not know that they could make some cash from them.

For you to get the best price on the scrap metals, you should know how to sort them and you can learn this from various websites. When you choose the right site, you will be on top of your scrap metal recycling game and you will make a business out of turning in the scrap metals.

When you want to sell the scrap metals, ensure that each type of metal is in their personal container for them to be weighed and by doing this you will get the amount of cash that you rightly deserve.